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This function takes a structure as input and then automatically builds a graphical user interface.

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Updated 21 Oct 2005

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S_NEW = STRUCTDLG(S_OLD) creates a modal dialog box that asks the user for the new values of each field in the structure S_OLD, then it creates a new structure S_NEW with the same fields but new values.
In other words, this function takes a structure as input, then it automatically builds a graphical user interface to modify its field values. It is based on INPUTDLG.

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Marco Cococcioni (2021). STRUCTDLG (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Ivonne Sgura

Really what I was looking for!


This utility is very useful and is very simple and intuitive.

When a more powerful structdlg utility is needed I could be preferable to look to the structdlg version provided by
Alon Fishbach (you can find it in this forum, also).

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