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m-sequence generation program

version (3.79 KB) by Giedrius Buracas
Generates multiple binary, ternary, and five level m-sequences


Updated 18 Aug 2003

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Generates multiple binary, ternary, and five level m-sequences

Comments and Ratings (19)

Tolga Birdal


great thanks!


Thanks a lot

Zhonghua Liang

Thank you so much!

Frank Cong

thank you

salem jalal

Dear adminstraitor
could you tell me how can I get the advantage and disadvantage for poused noise code here in mathworks I found the cold sequence thank so much but I want to rist of poused noise sequence so please could you help me .
thank you .

best regards..

liu fugang



Thank you.
Sorry - I can not give my company name due to legal reasons.

Giedrius Buracas

Dear Users, please, not that the errors referred to by previous reviewers have been fixed.
Yours truly-
the author

andrew kutkus

Not used extensively but worked fine - labai aèiû.

Takafumi Hayashi

zhang xizheng

There is many mistakes,such as the identifier register is not defined.

Cristian Gutiérrez

Rolf E. Gerlach

>> mseq(2,4)
??? Undefined function or variable 'register'.

Error in ==> C:\Programme\MatLab\work\mseq.m
On line 401 ==> ms(i)=rem(weights*register+baseVal,baseVal);

Ken Cutter

There is a mistake in the listing.
For case 8, there should be 16 sequences, not 15.
Function bin2m is needed to run this.

Donglei Gu

William Murphy

It would be good to have an example of how this program is supposed
to be called. I can't seem to call it without getting an error.


I love this program, not the least because I wrote it :)


bug fixes

bug fixes, updated help text

Help portion corrected,
a bug for one tap configuration corrected

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R11
Compatible with any release
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux

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