Component Deployment Guidelines for Embedded Coder

Generate C code for single and multicore devices on bare metal, RTOS, and middleware services
Updated 19 Jun 2024
This support package provides guidelines and tooling that facilitate development of component models that you intend to deploy as function source code for integration with a scheduler and services of a single-process or multiprocess target platform. The tooling consists of a block and a storage class for safeguarding concurrent access to data and Model advisor checks.
The material is based on lessons learned from companies with years of production code generation expertise. It provides guidance that eases your migrations to new releases of MATLAB and Simulink, and thus, future proofs your current projects.
Applications covered include:
  • Single and multi-core devices
  • Bare metal and RTOS
  • Traditional and services-oriented applications.
Getting started:
To confirm a successful install of the support package:
  • In MATLAB, open the support package folder. To determine the file path for the support package folder, in the MATLAB Command Window, enter: path
  • From the list of MATLAB paths, search for “ec_cdg”.
To review the support package documentation and examples, open:
  • Documentation: \matlab\toolbox\ec_cdg\slcheck\ec_cdg_book.pdf
  • Examples: \matlab\toolbox\ec_cdg\csc\Examples
To run the Model Advisor checks
  • Model Advisor > By Product > Embedded Coder > Component Deployment Guidelines
This package is under active development, so please share your insight, questions, and experiences in the reviews and discussion sections above to aid future updates.
MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2021a
Compatible with R2021a to R2024b
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS (Apple silicon) macOS (Intel) Linux

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