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problem in fluid properties of the hydraulic system
This model might not be sensitive to the changes to the viscosity and density. Please upload a model that reproduces the issue, ...

2 months ago | 0

How do I build pulley systems with 3 or more pulleys?
Hi Felix, As you mention, try changing the “Belt direction” in one of the pulleys from “Ends move in opposite direction” to “En...

4 months ago | 1

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Bearing model for vibration analysis
Another approach could be to set bearing stiffness and damping as functions of rotor speed or constants in the Driveline Flexibl...

1 year ago | 0

Can I extract numerical data from a coloured CFD-plot?
Try the rgb2ind function. It associates each pixel with an index value, so then it should be straightforward to correlate the co...

3 years ago | 0

How to access combustion engine map from powertrain block set
Double-click on the Mapped Core Engine block to view the editable predefined speed and torque breakpoints, and corresponding loo...

3 years ago | 1

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Drawing a segment of a cylinder from a matrix
The general idea is to reshape the z, r, and theta coordinates into 2D matrices of size (53*37) x 9 that correspond to the color...

3 years ago | 0

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