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I am an Intern in the Engineering Development Group at MathWorks.
DISCLAIMER: Any advice or opinions here are my own, and in no way reflect that of MathWorks.


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Help Converting C++ to MATLAB.
Hi, You can call C++ code directly from MATLAB, as shown here. Alternately, to get started with MATLAB programming, you can ...

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Newton's and Regula False Method on MATLAB
1) Newton's Method :  The following MATLAB Answer post provides a code that implements the Newton Raphson method. https://in...

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Why number of filters, numF = round(16/sqrt(SectionDepth)) and why numF is doubled in each convolution in Deep Learning Using Bayesian Optimization in MATLAB Documentation?
Hi, The number of filters (numF) are proportional to 1/sqrt(SectionDepth), so that the networks of different depths have rough...

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How can I iterate obtaining numbers?
Hi, It’s my understanding that you are trying to replace 'i' in P.std_E_LY_i_HAT and P.std_E_LY_i_BAR with US, DE, JP respecti...

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