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xlsread 'basic' mode reading some text values as NaN
Using xlsread basic on the xls file, it is now reading in the data in cells which contain values, but not in those cells which c...

8 years ago | 0

How do I download an older release of MATLAB?
I have a license for R2013a+toolboxes and I need to download it onto a new computer. redirects me to au.mathwo...

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Alternative to xlsread from website data on mac: matlab R2012a
I am having a very similar problem under windows. Matlab 2009b, Excel 2010 Professional. Using xlsread 'basic' mode, some of the...

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xlsread 'basic' mode reading some text values as NaN
I am using xlsread to important several tables of data from several xls and xlsx spreadsheets. These spreadsheets hold the maste...

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xlsread uses ''basic mode'' on windows with excel
I have the same problem. I have Matlab R2009b and Excel Professional 2010. My IT guy said it could be DLLs hanging around from o...

8 years ago | 0