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University of Batna-2 Algeria

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BERGHOUT Tarek was born in Rahbat; Batna; Algeria, in 23/12/1991. He studied at the Department of Industrial Engineering; Faculty of Technology; University of Batna2; Algeria, where He received his Master degree and PhD in industrial informatics and Manufacturing in 2015 and 2021 respectively. Research interests include: (1) Condition monitoring of industrial processes (i.e. detection, diagnosis, and prognosis) using Machine learning; (2) Cybersecurity in industry using Machine Learning. Dr. BERGHOUT has numerous original publications in his field of interest, as He is also served as a reviewer for several reputable journals and conferences. Dr. BERGHOUT is working as laboratory technician at same university since 2015-until now. Hobbies: Gardening; Photography; Photoshop.

Programming Languages:
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Arabic, English, French
Professional Interests:
Machine Learning and Deep Learning

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