Audio Toolbox


Audio Toolbox

Design and analyze speech, acoustic, and audio processing systems

Streaming Acquisition and Playback

Read and write audio samples from and to sounds cards (such as USB or Thunderbolt™) using standard audio drivers (such as ASIO, WASAPI, CoreAudio, and ALSA) across Windows®, Mac®, and Linux® operating systems. Process live audio in MATLAB with milliseconds of round-trip latency.

AI for Audio, Speech, and Acoustics

Apply the latest deep learning and machine learning models to audio, speech, and acoustic signals. Create, label, and augment audio data for tuning models using transfer learning. Extract features and compute time-frequency transformations. Develop predictive models with Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox and Deep Learning Toolbox.

Audio Processing Algorithms

Generate standard waveforms, apply common audio effects, and design audio processing systems with dynamic parameter tuning and live visualization in MATLAB and Simulink.

System Modeling with Simulink

Design system models using libraries of audio processing blocks for Simulink. Tune parameters and visualize system behavior using interactive controls and dynamic plots. Simulate DSP, analog circuits, and deep learning models

Live Prototyping and Visualization

Automatically create user interfaces for tunable parameters of audio processing algorithms. Test algorithms with the Audio Test Bench app and tune parameters in running programs with auto-generated interactive controls via MIDI.

Room Acoustics and Spatial Audio

Measure room impulse responses using maximum-length sequences (MLS) and Exponential Swept Sinusoids (ESS), read and write SOFA files, analyze and interpolate head-related transfer functions (HRTF), and encode and decode ambisonic formats. Run efficient convolutions using partitioned frequency-domain methods.

Psychoacoustics and Loudness Metering

Apply sound pressure level (SPL) meters and loudness meters to recorded or live signals. Analyze signals with octave and fractional-octave filters. Apply standard-compliant A-, C-, or K-weighting filters to raw recordings. Monitor peak and true peak values. Measure acoustic sharpness, roughness, and fluctuation strength.

Audio Plugin Creation and Hosting

Generate VST plugins, AU plugins, and standalone executable plugins directly from MATLAB code without requiring manual design of user interfaces. Use external VST and AU plugins as regular MATLAB objects to process MATLAB arrays, changing plugin parameters programmatically, with user interfaces or MIDI controls.

Target Embedded and Real-Time Audio Systems

With MATLAB and Simulink coder products, generate C and C++ source code from signal processing and machine learning algorithms provided as toolbox functions, objects, and blocks. Generate CUDA® source code from select feature extraction functions. Prototype audio processing designs on Raspberry Pi™, mobile apps for Android® or iOS devices, Speedgoat audio machines, and ST Discovery boards.

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