Image Acquisition Toolbox


Image Acquisition Toolbox

Acquire images and video from industry-standard hardware

Imaging Standards

Image Acquisition Toolbox supports major vision standards, including GenICam GenTL, GigE Vision, and UVC (USB Video Class/OS Generic Video Interface on Windows, Mac, and Linux) over physical interfaces such as USB2, USB3, CoaXPress, IEEE1394 DCAM/IIDC – FireWire, Camera Link, and PCIe.

Imaging Hardware

Connect to a variety of scientific and industrial cameras, area scan cameras, line scan cameras, USB3 Vision cameras, USB webcams, frame grabbers, Kinect, and hardware vendor SDKs. Supports acquisition of various types of images such as high dynamic range (HDR), optical, depth, polarization, thermal infrared, and short-wave infrared (SWIR).

Visual Inspection

Develop, verify, and validate algorithm design for visual inspection applications using live images and videos from real hardware.

App for Image and Video Acquisition

Connect, preview, configure, and acquire image and video data using the Image Acquisition Explorer app. Create custom apps using App Designer. Deploy custom apps with MATLAB Compiler for execution on systems that do not have MATLAB installed.

Triggering and Customizing Acquisition 

Trigger video and image acquisition from internal or external events and sources. Use event callbacks to perform processing in response to events. Integrate callback functions into responsive, custom apps. Continuously acquire and process video and image data in the background with logging capabilities.

Imaging System Design and Code Generation

Acquire live video and image data into Simulink models to design imaging systems. C and C++ code generation from MATLAB and Simulink is supported for Desktop Hosts to acquire live images and video.

Medical Imaging

Acquire, analyze, and visualize medical images, and develop imaging algorithms for a wide range of medical devices.

Scientific Imaging

Connect to scientific cameras to acquire images and perform scientific studies in astrophotography, neuroscience, and microscopy such as astronomical phenomena, neuroimaging, and AI-powered microscopy respectively.

Automotive and Industrial Applications

Acquire images and video for use with sensor fusion, lidar, machine learning, and deep learning algorithms. Augment decision making processes and develop vision-based applications such as maintenance systems and Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS).

“Image Acquisition Toolbox is about three times faster than previous methods [to capture a hyperspectral image]. Image Acquisition Toolbox also gives us complete control of the camera hardware, so we will see bigger gains by acquiring only the regions and spectra we need.”

Paul Rodmell, University of Nottingham

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