MATLAB Licensing for Campus-Wide Use


Campus-Wide License

Accelerate learning and research with MATLAB and Simulink

A Campus-Wide License provides unlimited use of MATLAB and Simulink products to all faculty, staff, and researchers, on and off campus, on any device.

Supported Institutions and Programs

  • Research universities
  • Teaching universities and colleges
  • Business schools
  • Medical schools
  • Liberal arts colleges

More than 2,400 schools already have a Campus-Wide License. To gain access to MATLAB and Simulink, create a MathWorks Account using your university email address.

Explore License Benefits by Role


Access learning resources that support curricula.


Increase research productivity.


Prepare for in-demand careers.

License Administrators

Lower license overhead while expanding access.

Prepare for Successful Careers

Support Student Success in the Classroom

Faculty using a Campus-Wide License get access to MathWorks learning resources that support curricula and help students complete project-based assignments. Students also work with one programming language across courses, making it easier for them to meet objectives.

Self-Paced Courses

Increase MATLAB proficiency with interactive online courses.


Create interactive, auto-graded course assignments with instant learner feedback.

Additional Classroom Resources

Enhance curricula with ready-to-use courseware and tools.


Get students up to speed quickly on MATLAB with a free, two-hour tutorial.

Teaching with MATLAB

Learn best practices for teaching with MathWorks online learning tools.


Collaborate more efficiently on projects through MATLAB Online with MATLAB Drive.

"With MATLAB, we are combining computer science theory and concepts with problem solving in engineering. MATLAB is the one language that we want our students to use—the one that we all use in our classrooms."

Dr. James Craig, Georgia Institute of Technology
Enhance Research and Foster Collaboration

Enhance Research and Foster Collaboration

Researchers on a Campus-Wide License have access to the most up-to-date suite of MATLAB and Simulink products available for academic use and can collaborate with peers across disciplines and at hundreds of research institutions worldwide.

MATLAB Live Editor

Create computational code stories in an executable notebook

MATLAB Parallel Server

Prototype and debug applications and scale to clusters without recoding


Share data and code

MathWorks File Exchange

Access shared code and custom toolboxes

“We can engage students in leading-edge research. The tools enable the research group and the student—including biology majors and engineers—to focus on research and spend less time programming.”

Dr. Gil Alterovitz, MIT and Harvard University
Prepare for Successful Careers

Prepare for In-Demand Careers

With a Campus-Wide License, students gain access to the same tools used by engineers and scientists. They’ll develop the computational skills needed for in-demand careers in IoT, deep learning, artificial intelligence, autonomous systems, robotics, neuroscience, and finance, or for building their own startup (2:17).

Computational Thinking

Support computational thinking tasks with MATLAB courseware.

Project-Based Learning

Create cool projects while building valuable expertise.

MathWorks Startup and Accelerator Program

Develop products and reach early-stage milestones fast with MATLAB and Simulink.

“We decided to adopt the Campus-Wide License after noticing a shift in many industries—including automotive, electronics, communication, and medical—from the C programming language to MATLAB and Simulink.”

Teruo Tanaka, Kogakuin University of Technology and Engineering