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Build Your Startup with MATLAB and Simulink

Develop your products and reach early-stage milestones fast with MATLAB and Simulink.


Access MATLAB at a startup-friendly price.


Join over 3000 startups in industries like medical devices, robotics, and beyond.


Research projects, develop prototypes, and bring your products to production.

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Green Technology

A Greener Future for Innovation

Building the Future of Clean Technology Through Community

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Image Processing

Seeing the Road Ahead

The Path Toward Fully Autonomous, Self-Driving Cars

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Sunlight Fuels This Car

The World’s First Solar-Powered Car Gets up to 450 Miles of Range on a Single Charge

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Key Benefits

  • Eligible early stage technology startups can get MATLAB, Simulink, and more than 90 industry-specific toolboxes at a startup-friendly price.
  • Get access to engineering support from MathWorks experts, along with online training and videos.
  • Access MATLAB Central, a user community of 100,000+ members that freely shares knowledge and code.
  • Participate in opportunities to drive awareness of your product through our startup promotions program.

Accelerator Program

MathWorks partners with hundreds of startup accelerators and incubators worldwide with benefits and sponsorships. You may be eligible for one year of free software and support if your startup is part of MathWorks sponsored accelerator. Talk to your program director to learn if you qualify.

If you are an accelerator or incubator, contact us to discuss MathWorks support for your startups.

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