MATLAB Parallel Server

Unlimited Scaling with MATLAB Parallel Server for Campus-Wide Licenses

The MATLAB Parallel Server Campus-Wide License provides campus-wide access to MATLAB Parallel Server and allows every user on campus to run an unlimited number of simultaneous workers (MATLAB processes) on clouds and university-owned clusters.

MATLAB Parallel Server™ lets you scale MATLAB programs and Simulink simulations to clusters and clouds. It provides a seamless way for faculty and students to leverage additional compute resources in order to speed up their research and analyses.

MATLAB Parallel Server Add-On for Campus-Wide License

The MATLAB Parallel Server Campus-Wide License can be used with a network license manager or with online licensing, which is convenient for the cloud and for personal clusters. Each network activation can accommodate multiple simultaneous users and multiple simultaneous clusters, and online licensing can also accommodate multiple users and clusters. To leverage online licensing, on campus users link their MathWorks Account to the license or have their license administrators add them to the license.

Next Steps

There are many ways to make use of MATLAB Parallel Server, and your campus might already have access to ready-to-use resources. Users and cluster admins can learn more about options for getting started with MATLAB Parallel Server.

To access online licensing, talk with your license administrator to be added as a Licensed End User. When your administrator adds you to a license, your MathWorks Account is automatically linked to that license.

For assistance with license management, contact Support.