MATLAB R2014b introduces a new MATLAB graphics system. New default colors, fonts, and styles make your data easier to interpret. Anti-aliased fonts and lines provide smoother text and graphics. Graphics objects are easier to use and provide a simple syntax for changing properties. Many other new features are included as well.

Some existing graphics-related code may need to be revised to work in R2014b.

What's New in Graphics

New default colormap presents data more accurately, making it easier to interpret. New default line colors, fonts, and styles with anti-aliased graphics and fonts improve the clarity and aesthetics of MATLAB visualizations.

Rotate tick labels for plot axes.

Create plots using the new datetime array type. Zoom and pan plots with tick labels that automatically change from days to hours to minutes.

Show how data changes over time using the new animatedline function.

Use Unicode characters in plot titles, axes labels, and in user interface objects.

Create user interfaces with tab panels with uitabgroup and uitab functions.

Common Compatibility Considerations

Graphics Drivers

Some advanced graphics rendering features might not work because of outdated graphics drivers. In order to get the most benefit out of the new MATLAB Graphics System, we recommend that you update your graphics drivers. See System Requirements and Graphics Drivers for additional information.

Most updates to MATLAB graphics are visual enhancements that should not affect pre-R2014b code. However, some differences may require code changes.

Description of Difference Compatibility Considerations

Graphics handles are now objects, not numeric values

Cannot use graphics handles as numeric values

New default colormap

There is a new default colormap, parula, in R2014b. It is ordered from dark to light and perceptually uniform. Smooth changes in data appear as smooth changes in color, while sharp changes appear as sharp changes in color.

New default line colors, grid lines, and graphics smoothing

There are new default line colors in R2104b that are easier to differentiate from one another. Grid lines are now grey, displaying your data more prominently. Anti-aliasing improves the appearance of lines and text.

hold on  now behaves like hold all  and cycles through color order when plotting multiple lines

Possible line color difference

More consistent layering when drawing graphics objects and uipanels 

An object might be drawn behind a uipanel, making it appear invisible

Changes to supported properties of colorbar and legend

Colorbar and legend have new properties and do not support some axes properties

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