Powertrain Blockset


Powertrain Blockset

Model and simulate automotive powertrain systems

Reference Applications

Closed-loop models for drive cycle, energy management, and performance analyses

Product Highlights

Virtual Vehicle Composer

Interactively parameterize, configure, and build a virtual vehicle for fuel economy, EV range, energy management, and performance analyses.

Engine and Motor Resize Workflows

­Use predefined workflows in the Virtual Vehicle Composer app for resizing engines and mapped motors based on high-level specifications such as maximum power. Associated controllers are automatically recalibrated for the resized component.

Generate Deep Learning Component Models

Generate reduced-order models (ROM) using dynamic deep learning networks for vehicle components, including engines or motors, for hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing and control design activities.

Virtual Calibration

Calibrate controllers and tune plant model parameters for components including engines, turbochargers, and motors before integrating them with your system-level vehicle model.

HIL and Cloud Support

­Capture important physical effects while achieving real-time execution using Simulink Real-Time. Deploy to the cloud to add computing power for large-scale simulation studies.

Simscape Integration

With Simscape, incorporate electrical, thermal, and mechanical designs into your vehicle models by assembling components into a schematic or selecting prebuilt options in the Virtual Vehicle Composer app.