Upgrade MATLAB and Simulink

Why Upgrade?

Upgrade to the newest versions of your products to access the latest improvements and capabilities. Most users can download the latest release and get started using new features right away. Users who design critical applications and models in MATLAB® and Simulink® see the benefits of upgrading regularly.

Get the features you requested

Get the most out of MathWorks Software Maintenance Service, which gives you access to product upgrades twice a year. MathWorks delivers a steady stream of new technology, customer-requested product enhancements, and quality improvements.

On average, we deliver over 800 customer-requested enhancements each year.

"When new tools become available to improve your process, you have to maintain a growth opportunity to make use of them."

Danilo Viazzo, Millennium Engineering Integration Company

Replace custom code and model structures with new built-in functions and blocks

As we continue to improve our products, you can update your code and models using the latest features. This gives you more confidence in your answers and helps promote consistent development processes.

"You see these new options and you think about things differently. It just gets you really excited about what you do."

Tom Allen, Triumph Engine Control Systems LLC

Establish a systematic upgrading cadence

By upgrading regularly, you can take advantage of new features without spending much time in the upgrade process. Most users can upgrade easily to each biannual release, while users with critical applications and models need to balance the frequency of upgrading with the benefits.

How Do I Upgrade?

MathWorks recommends the following process to IT and engineering teams who are upgrading critical applications to newer versions of MATLAB and Simulink:

  • Assess: Understand the overall effect of the upgrade, and determine if the benefits outweigh the costs.
  • Plan: Define the overall scope and plan for the project.
  • Migrate: Convert code, models, and custom tools in an iterative manner to the new version.
  • Test: Ensure that the code and models are equivalent between the new and previous versions.
  • Release and Support: Release the upgraded code and models, and support the rest of the organization through the upgrade process with a dedicated team.

For more information about this process, including the roll-out plan for large organizations:

The success of a software version upgrade depends upon the strategy used to implement it. This presentation provides a practical example from Eaton as well as recommendations from MathWorks for a systematic approach to upgrades.

Upgrade Resources

Find and resolve issues that may occur when upgrading your code and models to a newer release using the Code Compatibility Report and Simulink Upgrade Advisor.

Learn about best practices for upgrading your products to the latest release by downloading the white paper.

We Can Help

Have questions? Create a service request to contact us for troubleshooting tips or for assistance with your upgrade.


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