Achieving certification for airborne systems leveraging Model-Based Design

The DO-178C standard defines a set of objectives for software to be certified for use in airborne systems. You can reduce risks and effort with a verification approach to support the DO-178C objectives:

  • Iterate and refine system requirements by creating an executable specification
  • Define architecture and confirm your design choices for robustness and maintainability leveraging modeling and simulation
  • Demonstrate code and executable coverage through back-to-back testing and end-to-end traceability from requirements to tests
  • Automate model and code review activities
  • Reduce testing activities by using formal methods

Managing Requirements and Traceability

Manage your system requirements with end-to-end traceability:

  • Produce requirements with rich text, images, and all their attributes
  • Review and demonstrate completeness with your objectives
  • Generate the requirement documentation for certification audits
Managing requirements and traceability

Implementing and verifying your design

Implementing and Verifying Your Design

Design an architecture and make implementation choices so that your design is robust and maintainable:

Demonstrating Your Code Quality

Automatize code validation through the Motor Industry Software Reliability Association (MISRA) compliance and formal methods:

  • Check code quality and maintainability by inspecting code with regards to MISRA or CERT-C rules
  • Reduce low-level testing activities by leveraging formal methods (DO-333)
Demonstrating your code quality

Testing Your Implementation Based on Requirements

Test and requirements traceability in coverage results.

Testing Your Implementation Based on Requirements

Demonstrate conformance to the requirements regarding functional and technical expectations:

Enabling a Qualified Workflow

“We have the same high level of confidence in the quality of the generated code as in the code created using our traditional manual processes. With Embedded Coder we know we are generating the right code, and with Simulink Code Inspector we can guarantee that it is traceable to the model.”

Jillian Alfred, Bell 525 fly-by-wire control law designer