MATLAB and Simulink for Embedded Code Generation

Generate and verify embedded code for prototyping or production

Embedded code generation is fundamentally changing the way engineers work. Instead of writing thousands of lines of code by hand, engineers are automatically generating their production code to increase productivity, improve quality, and foster innovation.

With MathWorks embedded code generation products, you can:

  • Design real-time applications targeting floating- or fixed-point processors
  • Generate C and C++ code from MATLAB and Simulink
  • Optimize code for specific processor architectures, including SIMD and GPUs
  • Reuse handwritten code (legacy or specialized functionality)
  • Profile and verify embedded code
  • Comply with industry standards

“When we generated code from our Simulink models with Embedded Coder, the team we handed it off to knew it was gold—that it was debugged and fully met the requirements—because we had run it through the Simulink test vectors supplied by our customer. That was a huge advantage on this program.”

Maria Radecki, BAE Systems Electronic Solutions