Add-On Explorer

In Release 2015b, the new Add-On Explorer allows you to find, run, and install add-ons. You can launch the Add-On Explorer from the Home tab with the tool strip.

Add-ons extend the capabilities of MATLAB and include apps, toolboxes, hardware support packages, and more. You can browse to find different types of add-ons. The Add-On Explorer includes both MathWorks products and community-authored software.

The Add-On Explorer provides details about the add-on such as a description, included functions, and examples. To install the add-on, simply click the Add button. The add-on is automatically downloaded and installed and ready to use immediately.

You can also search for an add-on or a specific application. The Add-On Explorer will let you know if the add-on you are interested in requires any MathWorks software.

You can see all of your installed add-ons with the Add-On Manager. The manager allows you to browse to the installed location for your code, find more information, or uninstall add-ons you no longer use. When you uninstall an add-on, the files are deleted and the add-on folders are removed from the MATLAB path. To contribute your own add-on, you can go to the file exchange on MATLAB Central™, accessible via the Community button in the Resources tab.

This concludes the video introducing the Add-On Explorer. You can try this feature now or look in the documentation to find additional information.

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