Video and Webinar Series


Learn how you can use MATLAB® and Simulink® for aerospace system design. MathWorks experts and student teams share tips and tricks on getting started with using MATLAB and Simulink to simulate systems, optimize designs, and develop tools to design aerospace systems.

Building Graphical Aircraft Design Tools Build interactive design tools to reduce development time. Zachary Leitzau from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University demonstrates the use of a self-built app to help design a model airplane.

Airframe Optimization with MATLAB Follow Joshua Williams from Cornell University Unmanned Air Systems (CUAir) as he demonstrates the use of a genetic algorithm to optimize airframe sizing for model airplanes.

Simulating Quadcopter Missions with Simulink and ROS Simulation is a great way to test and tune control algorithms for quadcopters. Julien Cassette talks about using Simulink, Robotics Operating System (ROS), and Gazebo to simulate quadcopter missions from student competitions.

Autopilot Development Using Simulink Claudio Conti of Sapienza Flight Team at Sapienza University of Rome joins Connell D’Souza to talk about using Model-Based Design and Real-Time Simulation to design a custom autopilot.