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Start flight control analysis template





asbFlightControlAnalysis() creates a flight control analysis template for a 3DOF configuration.

asbFlightControlAnalysis(configuration) creates a flight control analysis template for a specified configuration.

asbFlightControlAnalysis(configuration,modelToAnalyze) creates a flight control analysis model with the specified model name.

asbFlightControlAnalysis(configuration,modelToAnalyze,airframe) creates a flight control analysis template for a specified airframe model.


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Start default flight control analysis template for 3DOF configuration.


Start default flight control analysis template for 6DOF configuration.


Start the 3DOF flight control analysis template SkyHoggAnalysisModel and trim the model around the opSpecDefault operating point specification object. The example then linearizes the airframe model around the opTrim operating point and calculates the short- and long-period (phugoid) mode characteristics of linSys.

asbFlightControlAnalysis('3DOF', 'SkyHoggAnalysisModel');
opSpecDefault = SkyHogg3DOFOpSpec('SkyHoggAnalysisModel');
opTrim = trimAirframe('SkyHoggAnalysisModel', opSpecDefault);
linSys = linearizeAirframe('SkyHoggAnalysisModel', opTrim)
flyingQual = computeLongitudinalFlyingQualities('SkyHoggAnalysisModel', linSys)

Input Arguments

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Configuration for flight control analysis

Data Types: char | string

Name for flight control analysis model being created.

Data Types: char | string

Airframe to analyze, specified as an airframe model name (inserted as a referenced model). Otherwise, the subsystem must be loaded.

Data Types: char | string

Introduced in R2018b