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Quadcopter Visualization

You can visualize the variables for the quadcopter in one of these ways:

  • Use the Simulation Data Inspector.

  • Use the Flight Instruments blocks.

  • Toggle between the different visualization variant subsystems.

    You can toggle between the different variant subsystems by changing the VSS_VISUALIZATION variable. These options include:

    • Scope

    • Workspace

    • Simulink® 3D Animation™Airport and Apple Hill scenes. The Apple Hill scene corresponds to the VSS_VISUALIZATION = 4 variable.

    • Flight Simulator Interfaces — This variant is a FlightGear animation. To use this animation, add a FlightGear-compatible model of the quadcopter to the project. The software does not include this model.

The may also use Aerospace Blockset™ uses Unreal Engine® for 3D visualization. For details on installing the support package and using customized scenes, see Customize 3D Scenes for Aerospace Blockset Simulations.

Quadcopter in flight

To fly in the Apple Hill or a custom scene:

  • Double-click the Simulation 3D Scene Configuration block in to open its mask.

  • Enter the project location where you saved the AutoVrtlEnv.uproject file from the support package, then click the Open Unreal Editor.

  • To save your changes and close the mask, click OK.

  • In Unreal® Editor, change the map to AppleHill by finding the folder MathWorksAerospaceContent. Click Content > Maps and select AppleHill.