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Reference Applications

Model, simulate, analyze and visualize the motion and dynamics of reference applications

The reference applications are fully realized aerospace models, including hybrid and electric aircraft and CubeSats, and flight analysis.


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asbAddOnsStart Add-On Explorer for aerospace Add-Ons
asbCubeSatMissionAnalysisCreate and launch new instance of CubeSat Mission Analysis live script
ecef2eciPosition and velocity vectors in Earth-centered inertial mean-equator mean-equinox
eci2ecefPosition, velocity, and acceleration vectors in Earth-centered Earth-fixed (ECEF) coordinate system
generateAccessTableCalculate line-of-sight (LOS) mutual visibility between CubeSat vehicle and ground station
greenwichsrtGreenwich mean and apparent sidereal times
ijk2keplerianKeplerian orbit elements using position and velocity vectors
keplerian2ijkPosition and velocity vectors in geocentric equatorial coordinate system using Keplerian orbit elements
asbFlightControlAnalysis Start flight control analysis template
computeLateralDirectionalFlyingQualitiesCalculate dutch roll mode, roll mode, and spiral mode characteristics of state-space model
computeLongitudinalFlyingQualitiesCalculate short-period and long-period (phugoid) mode characteristics of specified state-space model
linearizeAirframeLinearize airframe model around operating points
trimAirframe Trim airframe around operating point specification object


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Attitude ProfileCalculate shortest quaternion rotation
CubeSat VehicleModel CubeSat vehicle
Orbit PropagatorPropagate orbit of one or more spacecraft


Getting Started with CubeSats

Get started with CubeSats.

Model and Simulate CubeSats

Model, simulate, analyze, and visualize the motion and dynamics of CubeSats.

Analyze CubeSat Mission Geometry

Analyze CubeSat mission geometries.

Analyze Dynamic Response and Flying Qualities of Aerospace Vehicles

Analyze dynamic response and flying qualities of aerospace vehicles using flight control analysis tools.

Electrical Component Analysis for Hybrid and Electric Aircraft

This example illustrates how to use modeling for rapid exploration of design space in the hybrid and electric aircraft area and compare the results to design criteria.

Featured Examples