Custom 2-D and 3-D Antenna

Stereolithography files, custom 2-D meshes, 2-D geometry, geometrical shapes, mathematical operators

Create your own customized antenna by importing a planar mesh. For more complex 2-D structures, use 2-D shapes provided in the Antenna Toolbox and perform Boolean operations on them. The resulting shape can be a 2-D antenna, or it can be describe a specific layer in the PCB stack.

To author 3-D antenna geometry, Use Stereolithography (STL) files. Define the feed for this arbitrary element and analyze the antenna or array using existing analysis functions.


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customAntennaMeshCreate 2-D custom mesh antenna on X-Y plane
customArrayMeshCreate 2-D custom mesh antenna array on X-Y plane
customAntennaGeometryCreate antenna represented by 2-D custom geometry
customArrayGeometryCreate array represented by 2-D custom geometry
customAntennaStlCreate custom antenna 3-D geometry using STL files
antenna.CircleCreate circle centered at origin on X-Y plane
antenna.PolygonCreate polygon on X-Y plane
antenna.RectangleCreate rectangle centered at origin on X-Y plane
antenna.EllipseCreate ellipse centered at origin on X-Y plane


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addBoolean unite operation on two shapes
subtractBoolean subtraction operation on two shapes
plusShape1 + Shape2
minusShape1 - Shape2
intersectBoolean intersection operation on two shapes
andShape1 & Shape2
showDisplay antenna or array structure; display shape as filled patch
meshMesh properties of metal or dielectric antenna or array structure
plotPlot boundary of shape
areaCalculate area of shape in square meters
scaleChange the size of the shape by a fixed amount
translateMove shape to new location
rotateRotate shape about axis and angle
rotateXRotate shape about X-axis and angle
rotateYRotate shape about Y-axis and angle
rotateZRotate shape about Z-axis and angle

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