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Add service interface to Simulink interface dictionary

Since R2023a



serviceInterfaceObj = addServiceInterface(dictObj,serviceInterfaceName) adds a service interface with the specified name in the dictionary and returns the service interface object that represents this interface.


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To add a service interface with the specified name to a native (unmapped) interface dictionary, use the addServiceInterface function.

dictName = 'MyInterfaces.sldd';
dictAPI = Simulink.interface.dictionary.create(dictName);

serviceInterfObj = addServiceInterface(dictAPI,'ServiceInterface1');

Input Arguments

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Interface dictionary, specified as a Simulink.interface.Dictionary object. Before you use this function, create or open dictObj by using Simulink.interface.dictionary.create or

Service interface name in Interfaces property array of dictObj, specified as a character vector or a string scalar.

Example: 'ServiceInterface1'

Output Arguments

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Service interface, returned as a Simulink.interface.dictionary.ServiceInterface object.

Version History

Introduced in R2023a