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Discover Clusters

You can let MATLAB® discover clusters for you. You need a working network connection between the client and the Cloud Center web services running in

  1. Use either of the following to discover clusters available for you to use:

    • On the Home tab in the Environment section, select Parallel > Discover Clusters.

      The toolstrip showing Discover Clusters under the Parallel menu in the Environment section.

    • In the Cluster Profile Manager, select Discover Clusters

    Both options open the Discover Clusters wizard, where you can search for MATLAB Parallel Server™ clusters.

  2. Select On MathWorks Cloud Center and click Next. MATLAB searches for clusters running on MathWorks® Cloud Center. To access these clusters, you must provide your MathWorks Account login information. Clusters appear in the list as they are discovered.

    Select On MathWorks Cloud Center in the dialog box to look for MATLAB Parallel Server Clusters and click Next.

  3. Select the name of the cluster you want to use, and click Next. On the next screen, click Finish. If you do not want to set the new cluster profile as your default, you can clear the check box. You can set the default cluster at any time later using the Parallel menu. Parallel applications in your MATLAB session can use the desired cloud cluster by default.

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