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Import Cluster Profiles

You can use the Cluster Profile Manager to import any MATLAB® cluster profile downloaded from the Cloud Center. The cluster does not have to be in your account.

  1. On your MATLAB desktop, select Parallel > Create and Manage Clusters.

  2. Click Import in the toolbar.

  3. Navigate to the location where you saved the profile you downloaded from the Cloud Center, and select the profile with its .settings extension.

  4. Select the newly imported profile in the Profile Manager list of profiles, then click Set As Default in the toolbar. Setting a profile as a default allows your parallel computing code to use this profile and its cluster with minimal code changes.

Test Your Cloud Cluster with the Profile Validator

With your cloud cluster profile selected, you can test your cloud cluster by running a validation of the profile:

  1. If the profile manager is not already open, on your MATLAB desktop, select Parallel > Create and Manage Clusters.

  2. Select the name of your cloud profile and click Validate in the toolbar. This automatically displays the Validation Results tab so you can view the tests in progress. A pop-up dialog box might require you to log in to your MathWorks® account to validate your cluster profile.

    Validation results tab in the Cluster Profile Manager window. All the fields have their Status as Passed if the tests run successfully.

With your cloud cluster profile set as your default, you can now run parallel computing applications on the cloud with functions such as parpool (and therefore parfor and spmd), batch, createJob, etc.

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