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Characteristic information of GPU-based Viterbi decoder



infostruct = info(gpuVitDec) returns characteristic information of the specified graphics processing unit (GPU) based Viterbi decoder.


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Create a GPU-based Viterbi decoder System object™ that accepts an input vector of hard decision values, which are zeros or ones.

gpuVitDec = comm.gpu.ViterbiDecoder('InputFormat','Hard');

Get the characteristic information of the GPU-based Viterbi decoder.

infostruct = info(gpuVitDec)
infostruct = struct with fields:
    AcquisitionDepth: 70

Input Arguments

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GPU-based Viterbi decoder, specified as a comm.gpu.ViterbiDecoder System object.

Output Arguments

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Characteristic information of the input GPU-based Viterbi decoder, returned as a structure that contains this field.

Acquisition depth used in the GPU implementation, returned as an integer.

The acquisition depth is the number of depunctured codewords that are used to overlap subsequences of the received data in the GPU implementation of the Viterbi decoder. For unpunctured codes, AcquisitionDepth is the greater of ten times the constraint length or two times the TracebackDepth property of the decoder. For punctured codes, AcquisitionDepth is scaled by a multiple of the number of codewords in the puncture pattern vector.

Version History

Introduced in R2012a