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Files Generated After Packaging MATLAB Functions

When the packaging process is complete, three folders are generated in the target folder location: for_redistribution, for_redistribution_files_only, and for_testing.

The file PackagingLog.html generated in the target folder location contains information on the mcc command used and output from the packaging process.

for_redistribution Folder

Distribute the for_redistribution folder to users who do not have MATLAB® installed on their machines.

The folder contains the file MyAppInstaller_web.exe that installs the packaged application, MATLAB Runtime, and all the files that enable use of the application on the target platform with the target language in the target folder. It downloads MATLAB Runtime from the Internet if it is not included in the installer at the time of packaging.

for_redistribution_files_only Folder

Distribute the for_redistribution_files_only folder to users who do not have MATLAB installed on their machines. This folder contains specific files that enable use of the packaged application on the target platform with the target language.

Standalone Applications

filename.exe (Windows®) or filename (Linux® or Mac)

Standalone executable file. (Linux and Mac only)

Shell script file that sets the library path and executes the application. This file is only generated on Linux and Mac systems.


HTML file containing packaging information.


When the executable starts, the file is read from the same folder where the executable is located, and the splash screen is displayed.

Excel Add-Ins


The file that registers the generated dll file.


VBA module file that can be imported into a VBA project.


Excel® add-in that can be added directly to Excel. You do not need both .bas file and .xla file; one of them is sufficient.


The generated dll that needs to be registered using mwregsvr.exe or regsvr32.exe.


HTML file with packaging and installation details.

for_testing Folder

Use the files in this folder to test your application. The folder contains all the intermediate and final artifacts such as binaries, JAR files, header files, and source files for a specific target. The final artifacts created during the packaging process are the same files as described in for_redistribution_files_only Folder. For further information on how to test your packaged applications, see the following topics:

Standalone ApplicationInstall Deployed Application
Excel Add-InInstall and Use Function Wizard

The intermediate artifacts generated are a result of packaging of the MATLAB files. They are not significant to the user.

This folder also contains two text files. mccExcludedFiles.txt lists the files excluded from packaged application, and requiredMCRProducts.txt contains product IDs of products required by MATLAB Runtime to run the application.

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