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Package MATLAB Functions

Package MATLAB® functions for use in applications coded in other languages

Before you can integrate MATLAB functions into external applications, you need to package them for the target language. MATLAB Compiler SDK™ includes two apps and a command-line compiler for this purpose. The apps guide you in specifying functions to package and in creating an installer. Target-language developers install the compiled code on the development system, along with the MATLAB Runtime, which is necessary to run the code. At the command-line, you can package the MATLAB functions into a binary package the target language developer uses in developing their applications.


Library CompilerPackage MATLAB programs for deployment as shared libraries and components


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libraryCompilerOpen the Library Compiler app
productionServerCompilerTest, build and package functions for use with MATLAB Production Server
deploytoolOpen a list of application deployment apps
mccCompile MATLAB functions for deployment
mbuildCompile and link source files against MATLAB generated shared libraries
compiler.package.installerCreate an installer for files generated by MATLAB Compiler
compiler.package.InstallerOptionsOptions for creating MATLAB Compiler package installers
isdeployedDetermine whether code is running in deployed or MATLAB mode
ismccTest if code is running during compilation process (using mcc)
ctfrootLocation of files related to deployed application
%#functionPragma to help MATLAB Compiler locate functions called through feval, eval, Handle Graphics callback, or objects loaded from MAT-files
figToImStreamStream figure as byte array encoded in specified format
getmcruserdataRetrieve MATLAB array value associated with a given key
setmcruserdataAssociate MATLAB data value with a key
componentinfoQuery system registry about COM component created with MATLAB Compiler SDK

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