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Graph Database

Explore, manage, store, and analyze graph data in Neo4j® database using MATLAB® interface to Neo4j or Database Toolbox™ Interface for Neo4j Bolt Protocol

Database Toolbox enables you to connect to a Neo4j graph database using the MATLAB interface to Neo4j. After creating a Neo4j connection, you can search the graph database data. Create, update, and delete nodes and relationships in the database. Update node labels and properties and update relationship properties. Perform analysis with graph network algorithms using the MATLAB directed graph. Store the directed graph in the Neo4j database. Traverse and analyze graph data by executing Cypher® queries using the Cypher query language.

You can also connect to a Neo4j database using the Bolt protocol. You can use the same functionality to interact with graph data stored in a Neo4j database. To connect using the Bolt protocol, you must install the Database Toolbox Interface for Neo4j Bolt Protocol.


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neo4jConnect to Neo4j database
closeClose Neo4j database connection
nodeDegreeIn-degree and out-degree for each associated relationship type for Neo4j database node
nodeLabelsAll node labels in Neo4j database
nodeRelationTypesAssociated relationship types for Neo4j database node
neo4jStruct2DigraphConvert graph or relationship structure from Neo4j database to directed graph
propertyKeysAll property keys in Neo4j database
relationTypesAll relationship types in Neo4j database
searchGraphSearch for subgraph or entire graph in Neo4j database
searchNodeSearch Neo4j database nodes by label or by property key and value
searchNodeByIDSearch Neo4j database nodes by node identifier
searchRelationSearch relationships for Neo4j database node
searchRelationByIDSearch Neo4j relationship by relationship identifier
createNodeCreate nodes in Neo4j database
createRelationCreate relationships between nodes in Neo4j database
deleteNodeDelete nodes from Neo4j database
deleteRelationDelete relationships from Neo4j database
addNodeLabelAdd labels to nodes in Neo4j database
removeNodeLabelRemove labels from nodes in Neo4j database
removeNodePropertyRemove properties from nodes in Neo4j database
removeRelationPropertyRemove properties from relationships in Neo4j database
setNodePropertySet properties for nodes in Neo4j database
setRelationPropertySet properties for relationships in Neo4j database
updateNodeUpdate node labels and properties in Neo4j database
updateRelationUpdate relationship properties in Neo4j database
storeDigraphStore directed graph in Neo4j database
executeCypherExecute Cypher query on Neo4j database


Neo4jConnectNeo4j database connection
Neo4jNodeNeo4j database node
Neo4jRelationNeo4j database relationship


About Neo4j Database Interfaces

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Error Messages for Neo4j Database Interfaces

Address error messages for a Neo4j database, the MATLAB interface to Neo4j, and the Database Toolbox Interface for Neo4j Bolt Protocol.