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Deep Learning Import and Export

Import and export deep learning networks from TensorFlow™-Keras, Caffe, and the ONNX™ (Open Neural Network Exchange) model format

Import networks and network architectures from TensorFlow-Keras, Caffe, and the ONNX (Open Neural Network Exchange) model format. You can also export a trained Deep Learning Toolbox™ network to the ONNX model format.


importKerasNetworkImport a pretrained Keras network and weights
importKerasLayersImport layers from Keras network
importCaffeNetworkImport pretrained convolutional neural network models from Caffe
importCaffeLayersImport convolutional neural network layers from Caffe
importONNXNetworkImport pretrained ONNX network
importONNXLayersImport layers from ONNX network
importONNXFunctionImport pretrained ONNX network as a function
exportONNXNetworkExport network to ONNX model format
findPlaceholderLayersFind placeholder layers in network architecture imported from Keras or ONNX
replaceLayerReplace layer in layer graph
assembleNetworkAssemble deep learning network from pretrained layers
PlaceholderLayerLayer replacing an unsupported Keras layer, ONNX layer, or unsupported functionality from functionToLayerGraph
ONNXParametersParameters of an imported ONNX network for deep learning
freezeParametersConvert learnable network parameters in ONNXParameters to nonlearnable
unfreezeParametersConvert nonlearnable network parameters in ONNXParameters to learnable
addParameterAdd parameter to ONNXParameters object
removeParameterRemove parameter from ONNXParameters object


Assemble Network from Pretrained Keras Layers

This example shows how to import the layers from a pretrained Keras network, replace the unsupported layers with custom layers, and assemble the layers into a network ready for prediction.