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(To be removed) Parametric equalizer filter specification



The fdesign.parameq filter specification object will be removed from DSP System Toolbox™ in a future release. Existing instances of the object continue to run. For new code, use the designParamEQ (Audio Toolbox) function instead. For more information on how to update your existing code, see Compatibility Considerations.


d = fdesign.parameq(spec, specvalue1, specvalue2, ...)
d = fdesign.parameq(... fs)


d = fdesign.parameq(spec, specvalue1, specvalue2, ...) constructs a parametric equalizer filter design object, where spec is a non-case sensitive specification character vector. The choices for spec are as follows:

  • 'F0, BW, BWp, Gref, G0, GBW, Gp' (minimum order default)

  • 'F0, BW, BWst, Gref, G0, GBW, Gst'

  • 'F0, BW, BWp, Gref, G0, GBW, Gp, Gst'

  • 'N, F0, BW, Gref, G0, GBW'

  • 'N, F0, BW, Gref, G0, GBW, Gp'

  • 'N, F0, Fc, Qa, G0'

  • 'N, F0, Fc, S, G0'

  • 'N, F0 ,BW, Gref, G0, GBW, Gst'

  • 'N, F0, BW, Gref, G0, GBW, Gp, Gst'

  • 'N, Flow, Fhigh, Gref, G0, GBW'

  • 'N, Flow, Fhigh, Gref, G0, GBW, Gp'

  • 'N, Flow, Fhigh, Gref, G0, GBW, Gst'

  • 'N, Flow, Fhigh, Gref, G0, GBW, Gp, Gst'

where the parameters are defined as follows:

  • BW — Bandwidth

  • BWp — Passband Bandwidth

  • BWst — Stopband Bandwidth

  • Gref — Reference Gain (decibels)

  • G0 — Center Frequency Gain (decibels)

  • GBW — Gain at which Bandwidth (BW) is measured (decibels)

  • Gp — Passband Gain (decibels)

  • Gst — Stopband Gain (decibels)

  • N — Filter Order

  • F0 — Center Frequency

  • Fc— Cutoff frequency

  • Fhigh - Higher Frequency at Gain GBW

  • Flow - Lower Frequency at Gain GBW

  • Qa-Quality Factor

  • S-Slope Parameter for Shelving Filters

Regardless of the specification chosen, there are some conditions that apply to the specification parameters. These are as follows:

  • Specifications for parametric equalizers must be given in decibels

  • To boost the input signal, set G0 > Gref; to cut, set Gref > G0

  • For boost: G0 > Gp > GBW > Gst > Gref; For cut: G0 < Gp < GBW < Gst < Gref

  • Bandwidth must satisfy: BWst > BW > BWp

d = fdesign.parameq(... fs) adds the input sampling frequency. Fs must be specified as a scalar trailing the other numerical values provided, and is assumed to be in Hz.


Design a Chebyshev Type II parametric equalizer filter that cuts by 12 dB:

d = fdesign.parameq('N,Flow,Fhigh,Gref,G0,GBW,Gst',...
 Hd = design(d,'cheby2');

Design a 4th order audio lowpass (F0 = 0) shelving filter with cutoff frequency of Fc = 0.25, quality factor Qa =10, and boost gain of G0 = 8 dB:

d = fdesign.parameq('N,F0,Fc,Qa,G0',4,0,0.25,10,8);
Hd = design(d);

Design 4th-order highpass shelving filters with S=1.5 and S=3:

F0 = 1;
Fc = .4; % Cutoff Frequency
G0 = 10;
S = 1.5;
f = fdesign.parameq('N,F0,Fc,S,G0',N,F0,Fc,S,G0);
h1 = design(f);
hfvt=fvtool([h1 h2]);
set(hfvt,'Filters',[h1 h2]);

Version History

Introduced in R2011a

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