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Blocks for Embedded Targets

Blocks for embedded processors and operating systems

You can create models for embedded target applications by combining standard blocks and C-MEX S-functions.

You can use blocks from these sources:

  • Support packages that you install.

  • The Embedded Targets library (embeddedtargetslib)

  • Blocks from system toolboxes, such as the Instrument Control Toolbox™ and Vehicle Network Toolbox™, and support packages.

  • Custom blocks


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Byte PackConvert input signals to uint8 vector
Byte ReversalReverse order of bytes in input word
Byte Unpack Convert uint8 vector to input signals
CAN PackPack individual signals into CAN message
CAN UnpackUnpack individual signals from CAN messages
Serial Receive Receive binary data over serial port
Serial ConfigurationConfigure parameters for serial port
Serial SendSend binary data over serial port
UDP ReceiveReceive UDP packet
UDP SendSend UDP packet
Memory AllocateAllocate memory for new variable
Memory CopyCopy data from and to memory section