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Verification Basics

View differences between original model and HDL implementation

Use a generated test bench to verify your generated HDL code against the original model. You can also collect code coverage information from the tests run by the generated test bench.


Generate Test Bench and Enable Code Coverage Using the HDL Workflow Advisor

Generate test bench and code coverage for generated HDL code using the HDL Workflow Advisor.

Choose a Test Bench for Generated HDL Code

Select a generated test bench.

Generated Model and Validation Model

The generated model is an intermediate model that shows the HDL implementation architecture and includes latency.

Test Bench Block Restrictions

Determine which blocks do not support direct connection to the DUT for test bench generation.

Delay Balancing

Insert matching delays along all data paths.

Locate Numeric Differences After Speed Optimization

Learn about numeric differences between original and generated models.


Resolve Numeric Mismatch with Delay Balancing

Learn how to resolve numerical mismatch issues after HDL code generation.