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Dynamic System Models

Dynamic System Models generally represent systems that have internal dynamics or memory of past states such as integrators, delays, transfer functions, and state-space models.

Most commands for analyzing linear systems, such as bode, margin, and linearSystemAnalyzer, work on most Dynamic System Model objects. For Generalized Models, analysis commands use the current value of tunable parameters and the nominal value of uncertain parameters. Commands that generate response plots display random samples of uncertain models.

The following table lists the Dynamic System Models.

Model FamilyModel Types
Numeric LTI models — Basic numeric representation of linear systemstf (Control System Toolbox)
zpk (Control System Toolbox)
ss (Control System Toolbox)
frd (Control System Toolbox)
pid (Control System Toolbox)
pidstd (Control System Toolbox)
pid2 (Control System Toolbox)
pidstd2 (Control System Toolbox)
Sparse State-Space Models — Represent large sparse state-space modelsmechss (Control System Toolbox)
sparss (Control System Toolbox)
LTV and LPV Models — Represent models with varying coefficientsltvss (Control System Toolbox)
lpvss (Control System Toolbox)
Identified LTI models — Representations of linear systems with tunable coefficients, whose values can be identified using measured input/output data.idtf
Identified nonlinear models — Representations of nonlinear systems with tunable coefficients, whose values can be identified using input/output data. Limited support for commands that analyze linear systems.idnlarx
Generalized LTI models — Representations of systems that include tunable or uncertain coefficientsgenss (Control System Toolbox)
genfrd (Control System Toolbox)
uss (Robust Control Toolbox)
ufrd (Robust Control Toolbox)
Dynamic Control Design Blocks — Tunable, uncertain, or switch analysis points for constructing models of control systemstunableGain (Control System Toolbox)
tunableTF (Control System Toolbox)
tunableSS (Control System Toolbox)
tunablePID (Control System Toolbox)
tunablePID2 (Control System Toolbox)
ultidyn (Robust Control Toolbox)
udyn (Robust Control Toolbox)
AnalysisPoint (Control System Toolbox)

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