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System Commands

Interact programmatically with operating system and MATLAB® environment

System commands provide programmatic access to your operating system and the MATLAB environment. Using these commands, you can access information about your computer, copy content to the system clipboard, get and set environment variables, and execute operating system commands. To access and modify options for tools within MATLAB, such as the Command Window, Editor, or App Designer, use settings. To store and access your own data across MATLAB sessions, create custom settings.


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clipboardCopy and paste text to and from system clipboard
computerInformation about computer on which MATLAB is running
systemExecute operating system command and return output
cmdsepCommand separator for current platform (Since R2023b)
dosExecute DOS command and return output
unixExecute UNIX command and return output
getenvEnvironment variable
loadenvLoad environment variables from .env and plain text files (Since R2023a)
isenvDetermine if environment variable exists (Since R2022b)
setenvSet environment variable
unsetenvRemove environment variable (Since R2022b)
perlCall Perl script using operating system executable
winqueryregItem from Windows registry workspace variables to MATLAB script
getprefGet custom preference value
setprefSet custom preference value
addprefAdd custom preference
rmprefRemove custom preference
isprefDetermine if custom preference exists
settingsAccess the SettingsGroup root object
clearTemporaryValueClear temporary value for setting
clearPersonalValueClear personal value for setting
clearInstallationValueClear installation value for setting (Since R2022a)
hasActiveValueDetermine whether setting has active value set (Since R2024a)
hasTemporaryValueDetermine whether setting has temporary value set
hasPersonalValueDetermine whether setting has personal value set
hasInstallationValue Determine whether setting has installation value set (Since R2022a)
hasFactoryValueDetermine whether setting has factory value set
addSettingAdd new setting (Since R2019b)
addGroupAdd new settings group (Since R2019b)
hasGroupDetermine if settings group exists (Since R2019b)
hasSettingDetermine if setting exists in settings group (Since R2019b)
removeGroupRemove settings group (Since R2019b)
removeSettingRemove setting (Since R2019b)
SettingRepresents individual setting
SettingsGroupGroup of settings and subgroup objects
matlab.settings.mustBeLogicalScalarValidate that setting value is a logical scalar (Since R2019b)
matlab.settings.mustBeNumericScalarValidate that setting value is a numeric scalar (Since R2019b)
matlab.settings.mustBeStringScalarValidate that setting value is a string scalar (Since R2019b)
matlab.settings.mustBeIntegerScalarValidate that setting value is an integer scalar (Since R2019b)


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matlab.codeanalyzer SettingsCode analyzer settings (Since R2020a)
matlab.colors SettingsMATLAB syntax highlighting color settings
matlab.commandwindow SettingsCommand Window settings including text display settings (Since R2020b)
matlab.fonts SettingsCode font settings
matlab.general SettingsGeneral settings including MAT-file and random number settings
matlab.keyboard SettingsKeyboard settings including suggestions and completions settings
matlab.editor SettingsEditor settings, including language, backup, and display settings
matlab.appdesigner SettingsApp Designer settings, including canvas editor and component browser settings


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