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Web Browsers and MATLAB

About Web Browsers and MATLAB

From MATLAB®, Web sites and documents can display in any of the following browsers:

  • MATLAB Web browser

  • Help browser

  • Your system Web browser, such as Mozilla® Firefox®

MATLAB uses the different browsers to display different types of information:

  • Web sites display in your system browser.

  • Documentation displays in the Help browser.

  • Other HTML files display in the MATLAB Web browser. For example, after publishing a MATLAB program file to HTML, the HTML file displays in the MATLAB Web browser:

MATLAB Web browser with the fourier_demo2.html file open

MATLAB Web and Help Browsers

The MATLAB Web and Help browsers may not support all the features that a particular Web site or HTML page uses. For example, the MATLAB Web browser does not display .bmp (bitmap) image files. Instead use .gif or .jpeg formats for image files in HTML pages.

To display an HTML document in the MATLAB Web browser, double-click the document name in the Current Folder browser.

System Browser

The system browser that MATLAB uses depends on your platform:

  • On Microsoft® Windows® and Apple Macintosh platforms, MATLAB uses the default browser for your operating system.

  • On UNIX® platforms, MATLAB uses the Mozilla Firefox browser. You can specify a different system browser for MATLAB using Web preferences.

Specify Proxy Server Settings for Connecting to the Internet

If your network uses a firewall or another method of protection that restricts Internet access, provide information about your proxy server to MATLAB. Be aware that:

  • MATLAB supports non-authenticated, basic, digest, and NTLM proxy authentication types.

  • If a proxy with basic authentication is specified, MATLAB only supports HTTP connections. HTTPS connections are not supported.

  • You cannot specify the proxy server settings using a script.

  • There is no automated way to provide the proxy server settings your system browser uses to MATLAB.

To specify the proxy server settings:

  1. On the Home tab, in the Environment section, click Preferences. Select MATLAB > Web.

  2. Select the Use a proxy server to connect to the Internet check box.

  3. Specify values for Proxy host and Proxy port.

    Examples of acceptable formats for the host are: and ourproxy. For the port, enter an integer only, such as 22. If you do not know the values for your proxy server, ask your system or network administrator for the information.

    If your proxy server requires a user name and password, select the Use a proxy with authentication check box. Then enter your proxy user name and password.

  4. Ensure that your settings work by clicking the Test connection button.

    MATLAB attempts to connect to

    • If MATLAB can access the Internet, Success! appears next to the button.

    • If MATLAB cannot access the Internet, Failed! appears next to the button. Correct the values you entered and try again. If you still cannot connect, try using the values you used when you authenticated your MATLAB license.

  5. Click OK to accept the changes.

  6. Restart MATLAB to enable the changes.

Specify the System Browser for Linux Platforms

On Linux® platforms, you can specify the system browser to use. Specifying the system browser is not supported on Windows and Mac platforms.

To specify the system browser:

  1. On the Home tab, in the Environment section, click Preferences. Select MATLAB > Web.

  2. Under System Web browser, in the Command field, specify the system command to open the browser, for example, opera, which opens the Opera Web browser.

  3. Add options for opening your system browser in the Options field. For example, geometry 1064x860 specifies the size of the window for Opera.

  4. Click OK.


If you specify Firefox as the system browser using the system command firefox, specify a display option to ensure that the browser opens correctly.

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