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Upgrade Projects

The Upgrade Project tool helps you check for compatibility issues or upgrade your project to the current MATLAB® release. The tool applies fixes automatically when possible and produces a report.


To perform an upgrade that you can later revert if necessary, add source control to your project before upgrading. For more information, see Use Source Control with Projects.

Run Upgrade Project Tool

  • For projects that contain only MATLAB files, you can check for compatibility issues with the current MATLAB release. On the Project tab, click the down arrow to expand the Tools gallery. Under Project Checks, click Upgrade Project.

    Click Upgrade to check for compatibility issues.

  • For projects that also contain Simulink® models and libraries, you can apply fixes and automatically upgrade your project to the current release. On the Project tab, click the down arrow to expand the Tools gallery. Under Project Checks, click Upgrade Project.

    If you want to run the Project Upgrade tool without applying fixes automatically, clear Apply upgrades automatically.

    If you want to specify which files to upgrade and which checks to run, click Change Options. In the Upgrade Options dialog box, clear the check box for any file or check that you want to exclude from the upgrade. For example, you might want to exclude checks that require performing an update diagram, as this can be time consuming.

The Upgrade Project tool displays the results of the compatibility check or upgrade in the Upgrade Project Report.

Examine Upgrade Project Report

After upgrading a project, examine the Upgrade Project Report to ensure that the upgrade occurred as planned.

The summary shows how many files passed all of the upgrade checks and how many files require attention. To view the upgrade results for a file, select the file in the left file list. By default, the file list shows any files that need attention. To change which files are shown, select from the options in the Show drop-down.

For each file in the Project Upgrade Report, examine the checks marked as needing attention. These files are marked with an orange circle icon in the Result column. Select a check in the Check Name column to display the check results and any automatically applied fixes in the lower panel.

To see the differences before and after the upgrade, in the Upgrade Project Report, click View Changes. If your project is under source control, you also can see the differences by comparing the before and after versions of the file.

MATLAB saves an HTML report of the upgrade results in the project root folder. To open the saved report, click the Report link at the top of the Upgrade Project Report.

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