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Organize large projects by managing and sharing files and settings, finding required files, and interacting with source control

Projects can help you organize your work and collaborate. Use projects to find files required to run your code, manage and share files and settings, and interact with source control. For more information about projects, see Create Projects and watch Using Projects to Collaborate, Track, and Merge Changes and Perform Code Reviews (4 min, 50 sec).

Not all Projects functionalities are available in MATLAB® Online™.


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currentProjectGet current project (Since R2019a)
openProjectLoad an existing project (Since R2019a)
isLoadedDetermine if project is loaded (Since R2019a)
reloadReload project (Since R2019a)
closeClose project (Since R2019a)
exportExport project to archive (Since R2019a)
matlab.project.extractProjectExtract project from archive (Since R2022b)
matlab.project.createProjectCreate blank project (Since R2019a)
matlab.project.convertDefinitionFilesChange definition file type of project (Since R2020b)
matlab.project.deleteProjectStop folder management and delete project definition files (Since R2019b)
matlab.project.loadProjectLoad project (Since R2019a)
matlab.project.rootProjectGet root project (Since R2019a)
addFileAdd file or folder to project (Since R2019a)
addFolderIncludingChildFilesAdd folder and child files to project (Since R2019a)
removeFileRemove file or folder from project (Since R2019a)
addPathAdd folder to project path (Since R2019a)
removePathRemove folder from project path (Since R2019a)
addReferenceAdd referenced project to project (Since R2019a)
listAllProjectReferencesList all projects in reference hierarchy of current project (Since R2021a)
removeReferenceRemove project reference (Since R2019a)
addStartupFileAdd startup file to project (Since R2019a)
addShutdownFileAdd shutdown file to project (Since R2019a)
removeStartupFileRemove startup file from project startup list (Since R2019a)
removeShutdownFileRemove shutdown file from project shutdown list (Since R2019a)
addShortcutAdd shortcut to project (Since R2019a)
removeShortcutRemove shortcut from project (Since R2019a)
addLabelAttach label to project file (Since R2019a)
createLabelCreate project label (Since R2019a)
removeLabelRemove label from project (Since R2019a)
findLabelGet project file label (Since R2019a)
createCategoryCreate category of project labels (Since R2019a)
findCategoryFind project category of labels (Since R2019a)
removeCategoryRemove project category of labels (Since R2019a)
findFileFind project file by name (Since R2019a)
listModifiedFilesList modified files in project (Since R2019a)
listRequiredFilesGet files required by specified project files (Since R2019a)
listImpactedFilesGet files impacted by changes to specified project files (Since R2021a)
listAllProjectReferencesList all projects in reference hierarchy of current project (Since R2021a)
refreshSourceControlUpdate source control status of project files (Since R2019a)
runChecksRun all project checks (Since R2020a)
updateDependenciesUpdate project dependencies (Since R2019a)
matlab.project.isUnderProjectRootDetermine whether file or folder is under project root folder (Since R2023a)
matlab.project.isFileInProjectDetermine whether file or folder belongs to project (Since R2023b)


Dependency AnalyzerVisualize dependencies, find required files, and assess the impact of changes (Since R2023a)


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matlab.project.ProjectProject object (Since R2019a)