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Polar Plots

Plots in polar coordinates

Create line plots, histograms, and scatter plots in polar coordinates. Modify aspects of the polar axes, such as the range of angle values or whether to display angles in radians or degrees.


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polarplotPlot line in polar coordinates
polarscatterScatter chart in polar coordinates
polarbubblechartPolar bubble chart (Since R2020b)
polarhistogramHistogram chart in polar coordinates
fpolarplotPlot expression or function in polar coordinates (Since R2024a)
compassArrows emanating from origin
thetaregionFilled wedge in polar coordinates (Since R2024a)
radiusregionFilled circular region (annulus) in polar coordinates (Since R2024a)
polarregionFilled polar rectangle (Since R2024a)
rlimSet or query r-axis limits for polar axes
thetalimSet or query theta-axis limits for polar axes
rticksSet or query r-axis tick values
thetaticksSet or query theta-axis tick values
rticklabelsSet or query r-axis tick labels
thetaticklabelsSet or query theta-axis tick labels
rtickformatSpecify r-axis tick label format
thetatickformatSpecify theta-axis tick label format
rtickangleRotate r-axis tick labels
polaraxesCreate polar axes


PolarAxes PropertiesPolar axes appearance and behavior
PolarRegion PropertiesPolar region appearance and behavior (Since R2024a)