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Data Distribution Plots

Histograms, pie charts, word clouds, and more

Visualize the distribution of data using plots such as histograms, pie charts, or word clouds. For example, use a histogram to group data into bins and display the number of elements in each bin.


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histogramHistogram plot
histogram2Bivariate histogram plot
morebinsIncrease number of histogram bins
fewerbinsDecrease number of histogram bins
histcountsHistogram bin counts
histcounts2Bivariate histogram bin counts
boxchartBox chart (box plot) (Since R2020a)
swarmchartSwarm scatter chart (Since R2020b)
swarmchart33-D swarm scatter chart (Since R2020b)
bubblechartBubble chart (Since R2020b)
bubblechart33-D bubble chart (Since R2020b)
bubblelimMap bubble sizes to data range (Since R2020b)
bubblesizeSet minimum and maximum bubble sizes in points (Since R2020b)
bubblelegendCreate legend for bubble chart (Since R2020b)
scatterScatter plot
scatter33-D scatter plot
binscatterBinned scatter plot
scatterhistogramCreate scatter plot with histograms
spyVisualize sparsity pattern of matrix
plotmatrixScatter plot matrix
parallelplotCreate parallel coordinates plot
donutchartDonut chart (Since R2023b)
piechartPie chart (Since R2023b)
bubblecloudCreate bubble cloud chart (Since R2021a)
wordcloudCreate word cloud chart from text data
heatmapCreate heatmap chart
sortxSort elements in heatmap row
sortySort elements in heatmap column
pieLegacy pie chart
pie33-D pie chart


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Binscatter PropertiesBinscatter appearance and behavior
BoxChart PropertiesControl box chart appearance and behavior (Since R2020a)
BubbleChart PropertiesBubble chart appearance and behavior (Since R2020b)
BubbleCloud PropertiesBubble cloud appearance and behavior (Since R2021a)
BubbleLegend PropertiesBubble legend appearance and behavior (Since R2020b)
DonutChart PropertiesDonut chart appearance and behavior (Since R2023b)
HeatmapChart PropertiesHeatmap chart appearance and behavior
Histogram PropertiesHistogram appearance and behavior
Histogram2 PropertiesBivariate histogram appearance and behavior
Scatter PropertiesScatter chart appearance and behavior
ScatterHistogramChart PropertiesControl scatter histogram chart appearance and behavior
ParallelCoordinatesPlot PropertiesControl parallel coordinates plot appearance and behavior
PieChart PropertiesPie chart appearance and behavior (Since R2023b)
WordCloudChart PropertiesControl word cloud chart appearance and behavior