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Resume execution





dbcont resumes execution of a MATLAB® code file after pausing. Execution continues until another breakpoint is encountered, a pause condition is met, an error occurs, or execution completes successfully.


If you want to edit a file as a result of debugging, then it is a good practice to first quit debugging. Otherwise, you can get unexpected results.


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Resume the execution of a program while debugging using the dbcont command.

Create a file, buggy.m, that contains these statements.

function z = buggy(x)
n = length(x);
z = (1:n)./x;

Add a breakpoint at line 2 and run the code. MATLAB pauses execution at the breakpoint.

dbstop in buggy at 2

Run the dbcont command to continue execution to the end of the program and end debugging.


Introduced before R2006a