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Return image data associated with movie frame



RGB = frame2im(F) returns the truecolor (RGB) image from the single movie frame F.

[X,map] = frame2im(F) returns the indexed image data X and associated colormap map from the single movie frame F.


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Create a surface plot. The data tip gives the x-, y- and z-coordinate of points along the surface.


Use getframe to capture the plot as a movie frame. The 'colormap' field is empty, therefore the movie frame contains a truecolor (RGB) image.

F = getframe
F = 

  struct with fields:

       cdata: [357x452x3 uint8]
    colormap: []

Convert the captured movie frame to image data.

RGB = frame2im(F);

Display the truecolor image. The data tip gives information about the column and row indices and RGB value of pixels.


Input Arguments

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Movie frame, specified as a structure with two fields:

  • cdata — The image data stored as an array of uint8 values.

  • colormap — The colormap. If the movie frame contains a truecolor (RGB) images, then this field is empty ([]).

You can create a movie frame structure by using the functions im2frame and getframe.

Output Arguments

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Truecolor image, returned as an m-by-n-by-3 numeric array.

Data Types: uint8

Indexed image, returned as an m-by-n numeric matrix.

Data Types: uint8

Colormap associated with indexed image X, returned as a c-by-3 numeric matrix with values in the range [0, 1]. Each row of map is a three-element RGB triplet that specifies the red, green, and blue components of a single color of the colormap.

Data Types: double

Version History

Introduced before R2006a