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Run System object algorithm



step(obj,___) calls the System object™ and runs the algorithm. Depending on your System object, step can return output arguments.


Starting in R2016b, instead of using the step method to perform the operation defined by the System object, you can call the object with arguments, as if it were a function. For example, y = step(obj,x) and y = obj(x) perform equivalent operations.

For details about the algorithm and input variables, see the individual System object reference pages. For more information about the concepts of System object, see What Are System Objects?.


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Use the step method to run the algorithm for System object counter. Refer to the example in setup for the class definition of counter.

Create a Counter object and set a property.

obj = Counter;
obj.UseIncrement = false
obj = 
  Counter with properties:

    UseIncrement: false
    UseWrapValue: true
      StartValue: 1
       Increment: 1
       WrapValue: 10

Run the counter.

ans = 2

Input Arguments

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System object whose algorithm you want to run. Depending on the System object, additional input arguments might be required.

Extended Capabilities

Version History

Introduced in R2010a