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Start a persistence service and attach it a to MATLAB session





start(ctrl) starts a persistence service represented by ctrl and attaches it to a current MATLAB® session.

  • To make a persistence service available in a MATLAB session, the service must be started and then attached to the MATLAB session. start performs both these actions.

  • If a persistence service has already been started, there is no need to call start. Use attach instead.

  • start and stop, attach and detach must be used in pairs.

  • If you connected a persistence service to your MATLAB session with start, you must disconnect with stop.

  • If you connected with attach, you must disconnect with detach.


Start a Persistence Service

Start a persistence service.

First, create a persistence service controller object and use that object to start the persistence service.

ctrl = mps.cache.control('myRedisConnection','Redis','Port',4519);

Input Arguments

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Persistence service controller, represented as a mps.cache.Controller object.

Example: start(ctrl)

Introduced in R2018b