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Manage Licenses for MATLAB Production Server

Complete instructions for installing License Manager can be found in the MATLAB Installation Guide.

In addition to following instructions in the License Center to obtain and activate your license, do the following in order to set up and manage licensing for MATLAB® Production Server™:

Specify or Verify License Server Options in Server Configuration File

Specify or verify values for License Server options in the server configuration file (main_config). You create a server by using the mps-new command.

Edit the configuration file for the server. Open the file server_name/config/main_config and specify or verify parameter values for the following options. See the comments in the server configuration file for complete instructions and default values.

  • license — Configuration option to specify the license servers and/or the license files. You can specify multiple license servers including port numbers (port_number@license_server_name), as well as license files, with one entry in main_config. List where you want the product to search, in order of precedence, using semi-colons (;) as separators on Windows or colons (:) as separators on Linux.

    For example, on a Linux system, you specify this value for license:

    --license 27000@hostA:/opt/license/license.dat:27001@hostB:./license.dat
    The system searches these resources in this order:

    1. 27000@hostA: (hostA configured on port 27000)

    2. /opt/license/license.dat (local license data file)

    3. 27001@hostB: (hostB configured on port 27001)

    4. ./license.dat (local license data file)

  • license-grace-period — The maximum length of time MATLAB Production Server responds to HTTP requests, after license server heartbeat has been lost. See the network license manager documentation for more on heartbeats and related license terminology.

  • license-poll-interval — The interval of time that must pass, after license server heartbeat has been lost and MATLAB Production Server stops responding to HTTP requests, before license server is polled, to verify and checkout a valid license. Polling occurs at the interval specified by license-poll-interval until license has been successfully checked-out. See the network license manager documentation for more on heartbeats and related license terminology.

Verify Status of License Server using mps-status

When you enter an mps-status command, the status of the server and the associated license is returned. The command is available only in an on-premise installation of MATLAB Production Server.

For detailed descriptions of these status messages, see License Server Status Information.

Forcing a License Checkout Using mps-license-reset

Use the mps-license-reset command to force the server to checkout a license in an on-premise MATLAB Production Server installation. You can use this command at any time, if you do not want to wait for MATLAB Production Server to verify and checkout a license at an interval established by a server configuration option such as license-grace-period or license-poll-interval.