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Waveform Design and Signal Synthesis

Pulsed and continuous waveforms, matched filtering, ambiguity function, channel propagation, target returns

Phased Array System Toolbox™ lets you create narrowband signal waveforms that are radiated by antennas, microphones, sonar transducers, and arrays. Narrowband signals fall into pulsed and continuous types. Waveform types include rectangular, frequency-modulated continuous, phase-coded, and stepped-frequency signals. In addition, matched filter algorithms are provided to perform coherent processing. The toolbox lets you create and plot ambiguity functions.

The toolbox also lets you model free-space signal propagation in monostatic or bistatic scenarios with targets and arrays in motion. Alternatively, you model atmospheric attenuation using line-of-sight (LOS) propagation models. These models calculate signal propagation through atmospheric gases, rain, and fog and clouds. All models include range-dependent time delay, phase shift, Doppler shift, and free-space loss. You can specify scattering radar cross sections (RCS) for nonpolarized radiation or scattering matrices for polarized radiation. The toolbox implements the four standard Swerling target radar cross-section models.