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Plot mixer spurs of IMT mixer

Since R2022a



rfplot(imt,frequency) plots the mixer spurs response of the IMT mixer object imt at the frequency specified in frequency. The function plots the mixer spurs on the current axes, with the frequency in Hz on the X-axis and the input power in dBm on the Y-axis.


rfplot(ax,imt,frequency) plots the mixer spurs on the axes specified in ax instead of the current axes. Return the current axes using the gca function.


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Create an IMT mixer with the LO frequency of 5995 MHz and with the IMT spurs.

imt = mixerIMT(LO=5995e6,IMT=...
     [99 17 13.6 42.9; 40 0 47.7 54.3; 50.4 58.5 61.3 72.2; 75 67.4 75 99]);

Plot the mixer spur at an input signal frequency of 1005 MHz.


Figure contains an axes object. The axes object with title Mixer Spurs, xlabel Frequency [GHz], ylabel Power [dBm] contains 2 objects of type stem. These objects represent Signal, Spurs.

Create an IMT mixer with 4-by-4 IMT spur data.

imt = mixerIMT(LO=5995e6,IMT=...
     [99 17 11.6 42.9; 40 0 44.7 54.3; 51.4 58.5 61.3 72.2; 75 67.4 73 99]);

Create an IMT mixer with 3-by-3 IMT spur data.

imt2 = mixerIMT(LO=5995e6,IMT=...
     [99 99 80; 99 0 99; 99 80 99]);

Type these commands at the command line to create a rfplot figure with two tabs. Add axes to each tab by specifying the parent container for each axis. Plot the IMT mixer with the 4-by-4 IMT spur data in the first tab and the IMT mixer with the 3-by-3 IMT spur data in the second tab.

tab1 = uitab('Title','4-by-4 IMT spur data');
ax3 = axes(tab1);
rfplot(ax3,imt,frequency=1005e6, powerinput=-5)

tab2 = uitab('Title','3-by-3 IMT spur data');
ax4 = axes(tab2);
rfplot(ax4,imt2,frequency=1005e6, powerinput=-5)



Input Arguments

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IMT mixer object, specified as a mixerIMT object.

Data Types: object

Input frequency of the IMT mixer object, specified as a positive scalar in Hz.

Data Types: double

Axes to plot mixer spurs, specified as an axes object.


In addition to plotting the mixer spurs, you can also use the rfplot function to:

Version History

Introduced in R2022a

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