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Analysis and Verification

EM solvers, analysis functions, mesh configuration, utility functions

Each element in the RF PCB Toolbox™ library has a set of analysis functions. Use these functions to analyze:

Use this category also to mesh the PCBs into discretized triangles and tetrahedrons for solving analysis equations. You can also compare RF PCB Toolbox simulations with fabricated PCBs, measured results, and technical articles.


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currentCalculate and plot current distribution (Since R2021b)
chargeCalculate and plot charge distribution (Since R2021b)
capacitanceCalculate capacitance (Since R2021b)
couplingCalculate coupling factor of coupler (Since R2022a)
designDesign PCB component around particular frequency (Since R2021b)
dgsCreate defected ground structure of PCB element (Since R2023a)
directivityCalculate directivity of coupler (Since R2022a)
feedCurrentCalculate current at feed port (Since R2021b)
getZ0Calculate characteristic impedance of transmission line (Since R2021b)
getZEvenCalculate even mode impedance of differential PCB transmission line (Since R2022b)
getZOddCalculate odd mode impedance of differential PCB transmission line (Since R2022b)
inductanceCalculate inductance (Since R2021b)
isolationCalculate isolation of coupler (Since R2022a)
propagationDelayCompute propagation delay of transmission line (Since R2022b)
rlgcCompute resistances, inductances, conductances, and capacitances (Since R2022b)
sparametersCalculate S-parameters for RF PCB objects (Since R2021b)
meshChange and view mesh properties of metal or dielectric in PCB component (Since R2021b)
meshconfigChange mesh mode of PCB component or shape structure (Since R2021b)
cylinder2stripCylinder equivalent width approximation (Since R2021b)
dielectricDielectric material for use as substrate
DielectricCatalogCatalog of dielectric materials
metalConductor material (Since R2021a)
MetalCatalogCatalog of metals (Since R2021a)
voltagePortCreate voltage source with N-ports (Since R2021b)
RFConnectorCreate RF connector (Since R2023b)


Fundamental RF PCB Analysis