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Couplings and Drives

Dynamic transfer of torques and motions

Couplings and drives blocks represent power transmission elements and systems such as springs, dampers, pulleys, and drives. To model the dynamic transfer of torques and motions, connect these blocks together just as you would assemble a physical driveline system.

Simscape Blocks

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BearingBearing that provides trans-axial support to freely rotating shaft (Since R2023a)
Belt DrivePower transmission system with taut belt connecting two pulleys
Belt PulleyPower transmission element with frictional belt wrapped around pulley circumference
CableCable connection that enables tension transfer (Since R2021a)
Chain DrivePower transmission system with chain and two sprockets
Flexible ShaftShaft with torsional and bending compliance
RodAxially flexible bar or cable
Rope DrumPower transmission system with tightly wound rope around cylindrical drum
Shock AbsorberSpring and damper system that absorbs translational shocks
Torque ConverterViscous fluid coupling between rotating driveline shafts
Torsional Spring-DamperRotational spring and damper coupling with Coulomb friction, locking, and hard stops
Universal JointRotational coupling between two driveline shafts
Variable Ratio TransmissionDynamic gearbox with variable and controllable gear ratio, transmission compliance, and friction losses
Air SpringSealed translational air spring (Since R2021a)
Nonlinear Rotational DamperNonlinear damper in a rotational system
Nonlinear Rotational SpringTorsional spring based on polynomial or table lookup parameterizations
Nonlinear Translational DamperNonlinear damper in a translational system
Nonlinear Translational SpringTranslational spring based on polynomial or table lookup parameterizations
Rotational DamperLinear rotational damper
Translational DamperLinear translational damper
Variable Rotational DamperRotational damper with variable damping coefficient
Variable Rotational SpringRotational spring with variable spring stiffness
Variable Translational DamperTranslational viscous damper with variable damping coefficient
Variable Translational SpringTranslational spring with variable spring stiffness



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